Web Developer Sarasota FL- You finally found a technology partner in Sarasota Florida.

October 18, 2022
group looks at computer as someone designs website in sarasota florida
web developer sarasota, a group looks at computer as someone designs website in sarasota florida

Web Developer Sarasota FL, Give me a shot to earn your business!

You have found a web developer and designer in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. My name is Brendan, and I love technology. I have many years of experience building websites since I was a teenager working on platforms like GeoCities circa 1994.

Growing up

I was always the computer repair man in the neighborhood and have always been the go-to tech guy for my friends. I helped with web developing and HTML editing, and remember the old thing called MySpace? This led me to my first job at BestBuy. I was enamored by all of the technology and, even better, I got discounts. Score!

I then went into firefighting and emergency medicine, which I have been doing for over 12 years. As most stereotypes go, many firefighters have businesses and second jobs. I found my passion for web developing, creating SEO content, and marketing for those people to grow their businesses, especially online.


I was born and raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland. However, I did come to Englewood, Florida, in Sarasota County, for 30 days at a time, yearly on vacation with my family. I now reside full-time in Englewood/Sarasota for the last 15+ years.


I truly enjoy assisting local businesses grow and flourish. I feel a deep connection with each one of my customers and truly want to see everyone succeed. There is plenty of business in Sarasota, Englewood, and the surrounding areas to share the literal wealth. I try to get with the business owner and learn about your business intimately to help create solutions. We can start our conversation working as a web developer in Sarasota FL, creating a website, going to marketing, integrating inventory management, and eventually adding automated tools. The sky is the limit; you dream it, and we can create it.


Let’s Work Together