Venice Florida Social Media Marketing

December 3, 2022
Engagement through social media marketing in Venice Florida

What is social media marketing?

Before I share the results I have achieved in 30 days with a Venice, Florida, business through their social media marketing, let’s go over some basics. 

To me, social media marketing is not just spamming posts and putting ads all over the internet. 

It is about creating quality posts, content, and relationships in the business’s community. It is about identifying clients and connecting with them naturally. 


The client

The client I just began working with is a small business owner in Venice, Florida. His business Liberty Services, LLC, serves Sarasota, Charlotte, and Lee Counties. 

The service-based business offers tree services, stump grinding, hauling, landscaping, and grading services. 

The owner is a really cool local guy named Brady, who is a veteran and offers superior customer service and work. 

I find this key! I cannot successfully advertise a terrible product, and Brady does the heavy lifting by providing a great product.

The marketing strategy

We began our work on redoing his website and creating an SEO-friendly presence online. With the ability to have content created for it to help drive traffic to the website. 

We are also working on ensuring his details match all listings online. 

The first month was mainly focused on Google Business Posts and Facebook advertising.

I was delegated access and began joining community groups that I know people use in the Venice, Englewood, Nokomis, and Port Charlotte areas. 

I then interacted with posts under the account as I would with my account, no spam, no fake posts, just genuine comments, likes, and posts. 

The results... so far

The screen shots on engagement speak for themself:

Social media marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, but as you can see from Facebook’s screenshots, engagement and reach are up 500%+. This will help create visibility for customers in the service area and help people remember his brand when it comes time to purchase services themselves.

Return on investment

This relationship that is now monthly between our two businesses will quickly pay for itself many times over. The owner gets to focus on meeting customer demands and performing services, while Sales Lift focuses on driving leads, engagement, and work to the business. 

Where is your time best spent?