Shortcuts In Marketing Your Small Business

February 12, 2023
Well, I will be honest I sort of click baited you into clicking on this link, because in my opinion. There are no shortcuts in long-term marketing solutions.

“In life, most short cuts end up taking longer than taking the longer route.”

Let me tell you why I think spending the time and energy once, rather than going for saving time on the front end is a better solution to your problems of marketing.

Your Local Google Business Profile

Google is the internet search powerhouse. 92% of search engine traffic goes through Google; back in my day, it was previously known by the name of Google my business.

People don’t even say search for something online; they literally say, “google it.” Great positioning by google; it’s almost like the Band-Aid brand in bandages.

Why fight the powerhouse? Use the tools and trends that are currently going for you; making posts to Google my business is a no-brainer.

If you go online right now and search for “CPR classes in Sarasota,” the majority of the first searches “above the fold,” which means directly in your first line of sight will be Google Map searches displaying Google Business profiles.

Us SEO and marketing nerds call optimizing this listing “GMB optimization.” There are several ways to do this, but mainly you will see an overwhelming trend in my suggestions. “CONTENT. “

Posting regularly on your GMB profile will show that your content is fresh, new, and relevant. If you are not making regular posts on GMB, you need to start YESTERDAY.

Post relevant posts with keywords associated with what you do.

One shortcut that was done previously was stuffing keywords into posts and websites. This has now become punitive; why? Google is trying to serve the most relevant search result to their users, “the searchers,” the FIRST TIME.

So, when making posts, be genuine, non-spammy, and add value to your potential customers.

There has been debate about editing photographs and placing geotags and keywords in the title and metadata of a photo.

Several well-respected marketing firms have done studies on if this is really beneficial. Most of the debate leads towards it not really having an effect. My take is, why not? You are already uploading the photo, geotag it using a software like GeoImgr, which is free, add relevant keywords, follow a standard naming style for your photos like BusinessName_Service_Location.

If Google updates its algorithms, you are already ahead and do not have to worry about reformatting and optimizing existing data. Add relevant data in an honest manner, and it will never hurt your local marketing.

Blog Posting For Local Marketing

I am going to address the elephant in the room currently which is AI, to me this is another shortcut that maybe able to be utilized as an outline tool, I do not believe that AI should be relied on to create content. I have read the generated content and it does not have the same feeling, emotion, or value that REAL written content has. This is why I still refuse to outsource my blogging, I have yet to find anyone locally that writes to the same excitement and dedication that I do.

Create content that makes you happy, and share your excitement for a topic; this comes across to the readers and will continue to drive traffic to your website with keywords that help people find you on Google and other search engines.

Take a look at some of your local competition, and see their content. Does it actually look like it’s engaging, or is someone writing it solely to cross it off their weekly checklist?

Good pictures, add metadata, use markup, and all the SEO basics. Confused about what any of that means, follow me here, on Facebook, or on our new Podcast, and I will teach you all about it.

Getting genuine relationships with guest posters takes time instead of going on Fiverr and purchasing links and posts, which is an excellent shortcut to local marketing. Except it won’t last and is as transparent as glass. 

Facebook Posting For Local Marketing

Clients come to me all the time asking for help on their social media campaigns, I have a couple of clients that do all of the right things by themselves, and really I become an advisor keyword analyst and assist in the overwhelming contacts they receive. One of my clients, Landes Emergency Training Services, has a fantastic engagement and following on Facebook. Do you know why? Because they are genuine in building and maintaining relationships with their community.

The owners and employees do not take shortcuts in posting links just to meet posting quotas; all of their posts are related to real relationships they have, occasional news stories that are related to their industry, and excellent posts of people in their classes causing excitement and virality in sharing their posts.

Sure, they could go to a Follow for follow Facebook group, but would those likes really benefit their long-term goal of engagement?

Shortcuts Great For Linking, Not For Local Marketing

In summary, I think I have emphasized my point that taking shortcuts in the marathon of marketing will only hurt you in the long run, create more work for you down the line, and waste money and resources.

Stay genuine, stay real, and stay committed.

Until next time, if you need any personal questions answered about your small business, never hesitate to reach out to me via Facebook messenger or text my number. I will give you tips and free suggestions on how to increase your marketing.

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