Grow Your Photography Business-Technology Solutions

September 13, 2022
increase photography business exposure and profit
Increase your local photography business exposure and profit, using tools to integrate sales.

Let’s talk about possibilities, you decided to start a photography business. Congratulations! Once you have done Florida Sun Biz, listed in Google Business for local hits, and created a Facebook page and e-mail for the business, the next logical step is website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and possibly search engine marketing (SEM). Let me help you grow your photography business.

But Brendan, I am not rich how in the world will I ever afford all of this? How could you not? Spending time and energy on creating quality content, SEO is what is going to make you stand out from your competition, helping to grow your photography business. When I am working on a small start-up company, my first advice is to scale into it.

What is going to give your photography business bang for the buck? Let’s create a website with a portfolio to showcase your talent; the website’s main content will be your art. Second, what do you bring to the table? What is your added benefit, why should someone choose you over your competition? A consultation with me enables us to have those discussions and allows me to impart my knowledge of marketing to you to help grow your photography business.

Now let’s talk tech (my favorite part): What if a user could find your website by searching the internet for local event photography, then go to your site, see your awesome art, and decide, hey, I want to book with this person? We then place a call to action link on your website, we can enable online scheduling to capture that date/time and even payment. BOOM, we got a customer! Your phone alerts, you see your calendar to plan your life around work. Automation and integration of tools saves time, creates trust in your brand, and increases profits.

Now is the day we do the shoot; you do your pictures, post your files on your website and give the user a unique login to proof what photos they want in the package; now, you can edit said photos and give a professional presentation. While also posting on your main website and social media accounts to help generate more leads. You can offer printing solutions through other vendors directly on your website for added sales, you can automate thank you texts, e-mails, or generate reminders to call back the client. Which all causes retention, increased customer satisfaction and growth of your photography business.

I can help you with workflow and idea generation; maybe you can do all of the above yourself and just want a consultation with me to discuss options.

Another great tool I see local photographers do is pop-up mini sessions in a central location. What about TVs that display your art, package prices, and contact information? What if you could get a friend that owns a local restaurant to have a video screen mounted displaying your art with contact information as a modern photo frame? Imagine the impression that would leave with people. Want to update it via a computer remotely? We can do this too…

Now you have a large studio; you want signage that displays your art and prices and another screen in the office which displays your social media account engagement, your schedule, and your analytics. Boom! We can do that, too… the sky is the limit.

Call me: Brendan at 941-544-5634. I would love to talk to you about potential, and services I can offer. Maybe you have an idea that you want me to show proof of concept.

Let’s dream!

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