Marketing In Englewood, Florida

October 10, 2022
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How does one go about marketing their services in Englewood, Florida?

How do they find you?

When working with clients who are trying to market a business or service in Englewood, Florida, one of the first suggestions I give is to think like your customer. How would you go about searching for a service or business? Go into your preferred search engine (91% of searches go through Google). What search terms are your clients going to use to find your business? What comes up when you search for those terms? Many tools are available online to help you find keywords and determine other search terms that customers use to locate websites online. Semrush is a great tool to help your local business rank higher on Google.


I like to then look at the competition and see what terms they are using and what they are doing right on their websites. Are there things we can do to improve our own site? If you are using Google’s Chrome browser, a plugin called Open SEO Stats is available in the plugin market. I like to use this tool as I search random websites to help me visualize the keywords and SEO tactics being utilized.


Content is extremely important to ensure your website is found by search engine crawling bots. Creating useful content via blog posts is a surefire way to help rank higher in search engines. The content needs to be driven around the keywords we found earlier and be useful to your potential customers. Plugins exist for content creation, too; they can critique your writing like Grammarly, which I absolutely LOVE! Yoast SEO helps me ensure my blogs have links, readability, meta tags, and all those other little tricks that get you views.

Hire a partner

Does all of this seem overwhelming? Maybe not, but is it just time-consuming? You can always hire us as your marketing expert. We can help you rank in Englewood and get more sales. We offer many services that generate profits so that you can focus on the growth and development of your company. Let us be your partner in technology!


Let’s work together!