Easy way to rank higher in local Google My Business searches by GeoTagging pictures

November 16, 2022
geotagging photos to have better seo in google my business

Easy way to rank higher in local searches

Ok, I’ve created a Google My Business Page lets say for my marketing agency in Sarasota/Englewood Florida. How do I now get people to see it when they search on Google Maps?

One easy way to boost your Google My Business Page local listing is to employ a SEO friendly picture. GeoTagging, and EXIF data.

Do not worry its not as hard as it sounds, follow along as I show you how to optimize your pictures for Google My Business.

Start with an awesome engaging photo

picture of CPR mannequins posted by a local CPR business in Bradenton. Example for SEO.

This picture is one of my client’s photos they posted to FaceBook; it is intriguing and catches the eye. Shameless plug real quick: HeartSmart ACLS. She provides CPR/PALS/ACLS to her local area.  

This picture was taken in her office location, she has two, and I am not sure which one she used, but let us pretend it was the Pinellas office.



GeoImgr is a free program with a premium option that allows you to geotag your files. Google charges them to use the search map feature, so after we upload a photo, I grab my Lat and Lon from this site:
 https://www.latlong.net we then plug it in under the map where it says Lat and Lon.

Once we have our appropriate location mapped out on the application, we then add our keywords to the photo in the line that says keywords and tags.

For this photo, I would write something like CPR/ACLS/BLS/PALS instructor near me in Pinellas Florida.

This lets the search engines know what your picture is about, and how it is applicable to the searcher’s query.

Description or ALT text is important not only for SEO but also for website accessibility. If a user were blind or impaired, they could use a screen reader, and the ALT text would describe the photo. Not every picture needs an ALT text; only use it when a picture adds value to your content, like my above photo, to the context of this how-to. 

We click add EXIF tags, and then download the photo. On a Mac or PC I also recommend changing the file name of the saved file to something like this Company_Name_City_Business_Category so for this one I would name the file: HeartSmart_ACLS_Pinellas_CPR_Instructor 

There maybe apps you can download on the phone, but I do not have any recommendations as I typically do my work from my laptop. Feel free to comment below if you have an APP that you enjoy using. 

Now do this often to refresh the content, and enjoy higher rankings in SEO/Google Search.