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Marketing In Englewood, Florida

How does one go about marketing their services in Englewood, Florida? How do they find you? When working with clients who are trying to market a business or service in Englewood, Florida, one of the first suggestions I give is to think like your customer. How would you go about searching for a service or…

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Why is SEO important? Getting found online.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is how your website gets found. Search engines constantly crawl the internet to add new sites for users who click that search button. These search engines use algorithms to determine your site’s relevance and importance. Organic Search vs. SEO Organic search is traffic generated by clicks that are not advertisements. Where…

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Using Technology to Save Time in the Retail Industry

Using Technology to Save Time in the Retail Industry There are a plethora of software solutions available for the retail industry. Such solutions allow any retail business to maximize its time. This in turn makes the business more productive and efficient. The solutions are categorized as: Task Management Solutions These give your retail business a…

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A brand new start.

It is finally time to bring my passions to fruition. I am creating this company to allow me to solve people’s unique technology issues. I bring years of experience in order to integrate technologies to solve problems. How does one even begin to advertise your business? This is where SEO and SEM come into play.…

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